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1. Where is McCleary Title Company located?

1. 11616 Southfork, Suite 301, Baton Rouge,LA 70816 Call for directions (225) 810-3700


Behind Teche Federal and Chase Banks on South Sherwood Forest Boulevard.  The easiest way to get here is to turn right on Newcastle, which is the first red light past Piccadilly when you are going South (toward Airline Highway) on South Sherwood Forest Boulevard.  Go to the end of the street and it dead ends into our parking lot.



2. What will I need to bring to my closing?

2. Current Driver’s License, Any Required Funds, (certified funds are required by law) Original Termite Certificate (if applicable) and any other information your lender may have instructed you to bring.





3. Are there any issues that I should address with McCleary Title prior to closing?

3. Maybe. If a termite inspection on the property reveals live insect activity OR existing damage to the structure from prior activity, please inform us immediately. This is an issue that MUST be addressed prior to closing. We do our best to have exact figures prior to closing, but because of the “Nature of Business” in real estate closings, there are times when we are not able to give figures until just before closing.



4. How much money will I need to bring to my closing?

4. In a typical closing situation, you can usually rely on the “Good Faith Estimate” given to you by your lender.  However, if you are unable to get an exact figure, please keep in mind that we accept personal checks up to $2,500.00



5. Will you accept a personal check?

5. Yes, up to $2,500.00. The law prohibits us from accepting a personal check for more than $2,500.00. In that instance, you must bring certified funds in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check or money order from a bank or other lending institution.



6. Why do I need Title Insurance?

6. If you are borrowing money for your real estate transaction, your lender requires that you purchase a Lender’s Policy of Title Insurance to assure that their interests in the title to the property are protected.  In order for your personal interests in the marketability of the title to the property to be protected, you should purchase an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance. Please click on the link for Title Insurance to get an overview of the importantance of Title Insurance as a property owner.  In the event you elect not to accept the coverage available, please contact our office prior to closing. Otherwise, we will assume that you want to be fully protected.



7. How do I file for my Homestead Exemption?

7. In order for you to take advantage of the state’s allowance for exemption of the taxes on the first $75,000.00 of the value of your home,  you are responsible for filing for your Homestead Exemption.  Depending on the parish in which your property is located, you will need to consult with the appropriate Tax Assessor’s Office to obtain the necessary information. Below is a list of Tax Assessor’s Offices in various parishes in the surrounding area:  




East Baton Rouge Parish Assessor’s Office: (225) 389-3920


Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office: (225) 473-9239/Donaldsonville   (225) 647-8182/Gonzales


Livingston Parish Tax Assessor’s Office: (225) 686-7278


You will need to file for your Homestead Exemption in person and bring the following documents: * Signed Cash Sale * Signed Settlement Statement



8. What if I am unable to attend the closing?

8. If you are unable to attend the closing, McCleary Title is happy to assist you in preparing a Power of Attorney prior to closing.  It is extremely important that all Powers of Attorney be in proper form. If a Power of Attorney is used to purchase and mortgage a property, the lender MUST approve the form well in advance.




Please notify our office as soon as possible and allow enough time to coordinate all of the details.



9. How much time should I allow for the closing?

9. A typical sale of property with one mortgage should take approximately one hour. McCleary Title works very hard to ensure that closings go smoothly and that you are satisfied.  Please notify us of any special circumstances that might cause a closing to take longer than usual.

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